Dan Werner

Dan Werner


University of Maryland, College ParkPh.D. Agricultural & Resource Economics

University of Maryland, College ParkM.S. Agricultural & Resource Economics

University of California, Santa BarbaraB.A. Business Economics (summa cum laude)

University of California, Santa BarbaraB.A. Environmental Studies (summa cum laude)


Natural Resources
Forensic and Financial Accounting
False Labeling
Complex Damages

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Dr. Dan Werner is an economist and expert witness at OnPoint Analytics, where he provides economic, financial, and statistical analysis to support complex litigation in a variety of industries. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park, and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in California. Dr. Werner’s consulting assignments often involve the analysis of economic damages and issues in class certification. His experience includes analyzing economic issues related to consumer fraud and false advertising, agricultural and mineral production, risk, business valuation, lost wages, financial liquidity and solvency, and anti-competitive behavior, among others. He has performed rigorous quantitative analysis in a wide range of industries, including consumer retail products, energy and mining, food processing, technology, real estate, and insurance, among others.

Prior to joining OnPoint Analytics, Dr. Werner conducted empirical academic research in the fields of energy and environmental economics. His previous work includes applying econometric methods to model price behavior within wholesale electricity markets, as well as quantifying the local environmental impacts of specific energy policies. He has presented his academic research at several conferences, including meetings organized by the International Association for Energy Economics as well as the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. He has been the recipient of 10 awards, honors, scholarships, and grants. Prior to his graduate studies, Dr. Werner began his career at a global financial services firm, where he analyzed and audited corporate financial statements. He worked with clients in a variety of industries, including the real estate, technology, and energy sectors.

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