Martin Kovach

Martin Kovach


University of California, Santa CruzPh.D. Environmental Studies

University of PennsylvaniaM.A. Philosophy

Yale UniversityB.A. English


Antitrust and Competition
Class Certification
Intellectual Property
Complex Damages
Natural Resources & Environment
Insurance and Healthcare

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Dr. Martin Kovach is the Director of Pharmaceutical Analytics at OnPoint. He has extensive experience managing the production of expert reports from beginning to end—developing strategies and arguments, supervising research, collecting data and documents, conducting statistical analyses, drafting reports, and preparing for depositions and trials. He has been responsible for structuring and conducting the empirical analyses in more than fifty major pharmaceutical cases in the areas of intellectual property, antitrust, breach of contract, and deceptive marketing. He is an expert in the use of pharmaceutical data sources, pharmaceutical market dynamics, and pharmaceutical promotion. Other areas in which he has worked extensively include insurance, food and agriculture, and the environment. Dr. Kovach is co-author of Empirical Challenges in Pharma Litigation (2017). He has also conducted research into the environmental effects of persistent chemicals and published on the population effects of fishery restrictions.

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