Financial Analysis

OnPoint draws on a diverse group of financial engineers and economists to supply its clients with insightful financial analysis. This work is concentrated in portfolio construction, securities and commodities trading, risk analysis, and tax shelter litigation.

For business clients, OnPoint provides guidance in the construction of portfolios designed to optimize the balance between potential returns and risk of loss. Employing simulation methodologies, OnPoint varies cost, timing, and return variables based on thoroughly validated parameters. This allows the client to fine tune its acquisition process to achieve its targeted outcomes. OnPoint’s work extends beyond conventional asset classes, and includes the construction of portfolios for unusual products such as major theatrical release films, and even investments in possible class action claims recoveries.

OnPoint experts have many decades of experience testifying in securities and commodities trading cases and include former regulators, advisors to exchanges, and managers of hedge funds. Their testimony encompasses trading practices and compliance, market manipulation, loss causation theories and estimation of damages. These experts have been central to seminal cases such as County of Orange v. Merrill Lynch and Co., In Re: Sumitomo Copper, and recent AIG securities fraud cases. In addition to this litigation practice, OnPoint provides value-at-risk modeling services and tools for its clients engaged in trading.

Among the most complex financing transactions undertaken in the market are those classified by the U.S. government as abusive tax shelters. These transactions are frequently characterized by numerous special purpose entities, the inclusion of non-U.S. participants, large fees and costs borne by the taxpayer, and various stages to the transaction that involve borrowing, lending, trading or other functions. The outcome typically hinges on a judicial determination regarding the potential non-tax business purpose for the transaction as well as its potential to generate a profit on a pre-tax basis. OnPoint maintains a substantial practice in analyzing these transactions from a financial engineering and economic perspective when they progress to litigation and has played an important role in landmark cases such as Fidelity International Currency Advisor v. United States.