Insolvency and Restructuring

OnPoint’s testifying experts and staff have many decades of experience tackling issues of insolvency. Their work involves run-off of troubled debt portfolios, corporate restructurings, Chapter 11 bankruptcies, feasibility determinations for Plans of Reorganization, fraudulent conveyance analyses, and collateral valuations. Longstanding familiarity with the Bankruptcy Code and procedures enables OnPoint to address economic and financial questions with these specialized requirements in mind. Scenario modeling provides an empirically supported technique to evaluate the likelihood of future outcomes, whether in the context of corporate restructuring, lender negotiations or bankruptcy plan approval.

OnPoint is also frequently engaged to determine, retrospectively, the reasons for business failure, trading losses, or investment decline. Typically, these engagements require the analysis of both systemic and specific economic risk, as well as financial attributes and contracting characteristics of the business or products in question. Depending on the engagement, this work may be staffed with economists, financial engineers, regulatory experts or CPAs. Results are often used to prove or disprove loss causation and may provide a fundamental part of both liability and damage determinations.