OnPoint provides strategic consulting to private industry in the fields of industrial organization, competition, strategic market interactions, the development and marketing of intellectual property, management of litigation risk and financing. Projects in which OnPoint and its experts have been involved include:

  • Evaluation of core competencies
  • Brand development through pricing, promotion, and product differentiation
  • Competitive interaction analysis under alternative product launch programs
  • Supply chain partnerships and design of incentive structures
  • Assessment of gaps in intellectual property and development of corrective mechanisms.
  • Global market development; expanding opportunities in developing and emerging market economies
  • Design of governance structures for effective risk management
  • Structuring public/private partnerships in research and development
  • Hedge funds, pension funds and institutional money managers
  • Evaluation of risk return trade-offs across asset classes
  • Design of alternative investment instruments that improve risk return profiles
  • Evaluation of counter-party and credit risk on the acceptable pricing of investment instruments
  • Determination of the correlation across alternative, best of breed hedge fund strategies.

OnPoint’s approach utilizes: i) its world-class economic and financial expertise based on the rigorous application of professionally accepted methods; ii) its expertise in locating and analyzing real world data to make market predictions; and iii) its knowledge of industry structural characteristics and the economic, financial and litigation challenges faced by both existing and start-up corporations. With these three pillars of expertise, OnPoint creates strategic analyses specifically tailored to the problem at hand. In doing so, it draws on its deep familiarity with the structural characteristics of many industries gained in its litigation practice, including

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • High tech
  • Agriculture and food production
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Commodities, securities and derivatives trading
  • Financial services
  • Telecommunications, and
  • Intellectual property.