OnPoint Analytics

William Chao

William Chao is a Research Analyst at OnPoint. William earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management Economics and minor in Technology Information Management from University of California, Santa Cruz. William has also earned a master’s degree in Applied Economics from San Jose State University, where he used complex econometric models to analyze the impact of race on employment and the effect of the minimum wage on the domestic economy.

Before joining OnPoint, William worked as a data analyst intern at Promises2Kids, a nonprofit organization based in San Diego, and then at Aeroasis, a startup in Santa Cruz that focused on agriculture technology. At UC Santa Cruz, he co-founded a professional business fraternity on campus called Alpha Kappa Psi, where he served as the Vice President of Finance. At San Jose State University, William worked with professors to develop regression and statistical models. He applied his understanding of international trade and performed analysis on the impact of good governance of economic growth. At Aeroasis, William successfully incorporated his understanding of economics and finance by forecasting demand and cost for the company and develop P&L analysis to present to investors.

William is passionate about data science and data analytics. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, exploring nature, and playing the guitar.

Favorite thing about OnPoint: Learning interesting and niche things about different industries.