About Us

Given the increasingly exacting standards of commercial litigation, it is not surprising that OnPoint Analytics has become the first choice for many of the country’s most sophisticated law firms requiring expert testimony on economic, statistical or financial issues. OnPoint has an unparalleled commitment to empirical analysis; analysis that is founded on the best available data and employs the highest professional standards. Building the necessary datasets is a collaborative process, and OnPoint works closely with counsel to formulate discovery requests and assure they are fulfilled. OnPoint’s consulting role often expands to include settlement evaluation, early case assessments and development of plans of allocation.

Specialization. OnPoint experts have been central to some of the most high profile cases in recent history. Particularly in antitrust, class actions, complex damages, pharmaceuticals and intellectual property, if the case is highly demanding, OnPoint is likely to be involved on one side or the other. OnPoint’s experts and staff maintain a balance between plaintiffs’ and defense work, believing that the most effective analysis is the product of objectivity. In addition to its central role in litigation, OnPoint provides business strategy advice and legislative consulting. Strategic consulting services include risk modeling, probabilistic forecasting, pricing analysis, portfolio analysis, and product launch planning. OnPoint also frequently authors white papers for its clients on proposed mergers and acquisitions, environmental issues, and the effect of proposed legislation or regulations.

Credentials. Testifying experts affiliated with OnPoint include some of the world’s most highly-regarded names in economics, statistics and finance. These experts specialize not only in thorough, incisive analysis, but in the preparation of reports and testimony that are intuitively explained for the lay person. Academic excellence, respected publications, and government and private sector service combine to assure the credibility of OnPoint’s experts. A broad network of academic affiliations means that OnPoint is able to supply the right expert for almost any commercial engagement.

Dedication and Teamwork. Cases are staffed with small but dedicated multi-disciplinary teams that include statisticians, database architects, industry analysts, domain experts and report writers. Emphasis is placed on well reasoned argument, rigorous analysis of the discovery record, accuracy, and a careful, clear presentation of results. Each team is led by a dedicated project manager, who works closely with counsel and expert through discovery, report completion and testimony preparation. Staff members add particular value in their ability to present the results of complex analysis in a clear and persuasive fashion, to judges, lawyers and jury alike. The firm hand-picks its people, not only for their technical skills and experience, but also for their energy, enthusiasm and ability to get things done.