OnPoint Analytics

About Us

Litigation is what we do.

We are committed to knowing the facts, understanding the legal theory, and creatively anticipating the potential challenges. We are available to our attorney clients at all hours and on all schedules. We strive to deliver our work product in the form best suited for immediate needs, whether discovery, mediation, settlement assessments, full reports or trial testimony. We are accustomed to working at the highest level of professional and academic attainment in our chosen fields: economics, finance, accounting and statistical analysis. We don’t believe a project gets better results just because you staff it with more people. And we don’t consider our job complete until the results can fully be appreciated by a judge or jury.

We can contribute valuable insights to almost any type of dispute, but our efforts focus on antitrust, intellectual property, forensic accounting, pharmaceuticals, complex financial structures, natural resources and the environment. Our opinions are developed using state-of-the-art database tools, statistical software, and econometric methods. These tools allow us to analyze any industry, but we have special expertise in transportation, electronics, agriculture, food, energy, health care, insurance, real estate, financial instruments, and consumer retail goods. Our in-house testifiers are skilled, experienced and persuasive. A large network of academic affiliations provides additional reach and allows us to match precisely the right expert to each case.

P.S. Even though “litigation is what we do,” it’s not all. We research and draft white papers, make legislative and regulatory recommendations, and provide strategic consulting.