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OnPoint Experts Win Antitrust Writing Award

“Antitrust Class Proceedings – Then and Now,” an article co-written by OnPoint experts Gordon C. Rausser and Gareth J. Macartney, received a 2015 Antitrust Writing Award for Best Academic Article in the Private Enforcement category. The article, which was published last year in Vol. 26 of Research in Law and Economics, addresses the 2013 ruling in Comcast Corp. v. Behrend, 133 S. Ct. 1435, and its significance regarding the evolution of standards for reliable economic analysis in class certification.

The Antitrust Writing Awards are hosted by Concurrences Journal and George Washington University’s Competition Law Center. The Awards are intended to promote antitrust scholarship and competition advocacy by recognizing the best antitrust writing in the fields of law and economics. The winning articles—which were selected by a jury of academics, attorneys, and Concurrences readers—were announced at an April 14th gala dinner in Washington D.C.

To read the full text of the winning article, “Antitrust Class Proceedings – Then and Now,” click here.