OnPoint’s experts include academic economists who hold professorships at the leading university departments in the country. These experts maintain a strong footing in peer reviewed research published in the most highly regarded journals and have been recognized for their teaching and research both in the U.S. and abroad. Our experts have authored books on industrial organization, market power, antitrust law and policy, telecommunications policy, patents and intellectual property, mergers, mortgage and credit markets, regulation of financial institutions, international taxation, commodities and agricultural policy, biodiversity, valuation of biological resources, transition economics and political economy.

Many of our experts have decades of experience, both testifying for and consulting to commercial and governmental entities. In addition to economists and statisticians, OnPoint provides experts on franchises, business and finance, taxation and commercial real estate, among other areas. In addition to our listed experts, OnPoint has a network of affiliates including respected academics in economics, finance, statistics and business. If counsel requires advice or testimony in another specialized scientific field, OnPoint will locate and affiliate with the proper expert.

Maximilian Auffhammer
Farasat Bokhari
Gardner M. Brown, Jr.
Hugh J. Cadden
Colin A. Carter
Andrew Chesher
John Connor
Christine Davis
Rachael E. Goodhue
Harry de Gorter
Stephen F. Hamilton
Larry S. Karp
Ira G. Kawaller
Marty Kovach
Edward Kushell
Leora Lawton
Gareth Macartney
Alan C. Marco
Jill J. McCluskey
Lars Nesheim
Gordon C. Rausser
Gerard Roland
Richard J. Sexton
Johan F. M. Swinnen
Tommaso Valletti
Johan Walden
Dan Werner
Jason A. Winfree
Brian D. Wright
Glenn Yago