Natural Resources & Environment

Co-founded by one of the world’s foremost agricultural and resource economists, OnPoint has unparalleled depth in this area. We have worked on virtually every type of agricultural food production, from vegetables, fruits and nuts to fish, red meat, poultry, eggs and dairy.  We have analyzed these products through cultivation, harvest, marketing, and—frequently—trading as commodities and futures.  Our experts are well-versed in almost every economic and operational problem involved with food production, including farm budgets, agricultural financing, domestic supply and demand, import and export markets, commodity pricing, inventory management, vertical integration, and effects of competition. Our analyses take into account regional markets, transportation costs, local farming conditions and changes in consumer demand. Many of our cases involve food processing, either in the context of expert testimony or through strategic advice to major food processors re-evaluating their products and pricing. We are frequently called upon to author white papers in response to proposed regulation and to advise trade groups.

In addition to food production, our economists analyze the availability, value and pricing of critical resources such as water, minerals and timber, as well as their downstream products. We have worked on numerous environmental damage cases, including the economic consequences of alleged watershed contamination, inadequate waste removal, and improperly applied pesticides. Our experts also testify regarding allocation of Superfund cleanup costs among Potentially Responsible Parties. These projects require a careful historical reconstruction of events, together with forward-looking analyses of remediation processes, timelines and costs.