Forensic & Financial Accounting

Our CPAs and fraud examiners tackle a broad range of disputes centering on financial data. With decades of experience in forensic accounting, they frequently testify in fraud cases, meticulously reconstructing financial records, tax filings and cash transfers. As former auditors, they are intimately aware of the required standard of care and also testify in accounting malpractice cases. A number of our experts specialize in business valuation and have been retained to value businesses in agricultural, energy and technology sectors. We also specialize in wage and hour litigation, reconciling payroll records to FLSA and state laws on an advisory basis and in class actions. Our current wage and hour clients include cities, counties and major corporations. In collaboration with our economists, OnPoint accountants also estimate damages, including lost profits over lengthy time horizons. Not all of our work occurs in the litigation setting: we also conduct royalty audits, contract compliance and due diligence investigations. Our experts are frequently entrusted to communicate with Boards, insurance carriers and—on occasion—law enforcement.

The skills of our team are reflected in their credentials which include the following designations: Certified Public Accountant, Certified in Financial Forensics, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Valuation Analyst and Chartered Global Management Accountant. Their hands-on experience in auditing, valuation, tax and regulatory compliance informs their testimony and provides them with the tools to manage large volumes of financial records. They are especially skilled at conforming their analyses to the legal theories underlying each case, whether negligence, tortious injury, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, shareholder disputes, statutory compliance or malpractice.