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Gareth J. Macartney

Gareth Macartney


University College LondonPh.D. Economics

University of London, Royal Holloway CollegeM.Sc. Economics (Distinction)

Oxford University, Exeter CollegeB.A. Physics (Honors)


Antitrust and Competition
Class Certification
Intellectual Property
Natural Resources & Environment
Complex Damages

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Dr. Gareth Macartney is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Competition Analytics at OnPoint. He is an economist and expert witness with a particular emphasis on analysis in antitrust (price-fixing, bid-rigging, market allocation, foreclosure), intellectual property (patent damages), breach of contract, and class action cases, among other types of complex litigation. As testifying expert witness and as case manager for affiliate expert witnesses, Dr. Macartney has analyzed a wide variety of industries, including consumer electronics (digital cameras, smartphones, personal computers, network switches), electronic manufacturing (liquid crystal displays, optical disk drives, lithium ion batteries), retail (apparel, coffee brewers), online advertising, heavy industry (auto parts, steel, ready-mixed concrete, hard rock mining), transport (rail freight, air cargo), agriculture (eggs, milk, fertilizers), energy (oil, natural gas, gasoline), pharmaceuticals, water, and real estate.

Dr. Macartney holds a Ph.D. in Economics from University College London. During his studies he was awarded the W.M. Gorman scholarship and the Advanced Institute of Management scholarship. During his Ph.D. program he worked at London’s leading economic research institute, the Institute for Fiscal Studies. He has taught economics classes at University College London, given lectures on competition and innovation at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and he has presented his research at the European Policy on Intellectual Property Conference, the European Economics Association Congress, the Royal Economic Society Conference, the London School of Economics, the Research in Law and Economics Conference, and the Bar Association of San Francisco.

His research on the effects of competition on employment has been published in The Economic Journal, and his research on the effects of employment protection regulation on innovation has been published in The Review of Economics and Statistics. He received a 2015 Antitrust Writing Award for his work on “Antitrust Proceedings – Then and Now,” an article about the evolving standards for economic analysis in class certification that was published in Research in Law and Economics. Dr. Macartney’s article “Economic Principles for Class Certification Analysis in Antitrust Cases” appeared in the Spring 2016 issue of Antitrust Magazine. He has also refereed academic articles for the European Economic Review, the Journal of Competition Law and Economics, the Economics of Transition, Oxford Economic Papers, and Fiscal Studies.


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