Antitrust & Competition

When it comes to competition, our experts cover the entire landscape from liability to class certification to injunctive relief and damages. Our nuanced understanding of industrial organization applies equally to federal and state antitrust claims, unfair competition statutes, RICO and other legal theories. Our notable cases include a cross-section of industries and products such as consumer electronics (digital cameras, smartphones, personal computers), electronic manufacturing (liquid crystal displays, optical disk drives), pharmaceuticals, retail, online advertising, heavy industry (automotive parts, steel, ready-mixed concrete, mining), transport (rail freight, air cargo), agriculture (eggs, milk, fertilizers, poultry), energy (petrochemicals, natural gas), and insurance. We work on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in class actions, single plaintiff and opt out cases. These engagements have called on us to analyze price fixing, predatory pricing, market foreclosure, bid-rigging, market allocation, exclusionary conduct, cost pass through, and mergers and acquisitions.

Our exceptional skill in building, transforming and interpreting large transactional databases is especially critical in the field of competition. Our data scientists, working closing with our economists, have built some of the most comprehensive and revealing databases in contemporary antitrust litigation. To the resulting data we apply advanced statistical tools. The result is analysis built to withstand the most rigorous examination.  We pride ourselves on packaging this analysis in reports and testimony that are thorough, well-documented and uniquely intuitive. Our experts firmly believe that even the most complex analyses can, and should, be made simple enough for every judge and jury to grasp.