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Labor & Employment

If the dispute involves labor markets, OnPoint’s specialized team will be able to help. We offer a full array of labor-related consulting services including antitrust, allegedly discriminatory practices of all types, equal pay, and wage and hour issues. Our deep experience in class certification allows us to anticipate and effectively address the challenges of analyzing large groups of employees (or potential employees) while identifying common practices and impacts. We also handle individual disputes. OnPoint’s statistical expertise is invaluable in designing econometric models to address these key elements, and then explaining the results in simple, intuitive terms. We also specialize in wage and hour litigation, reconciling payroll records to FLSA and state laws on an advisory basis and in class actions. Our wage and hour clients have included major corporations, cities and counties. In keeping with the firm’s commitment to objective, empirically based analysis, we accept cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Our experts include some of the country’s preeminent labor economists, including seasoned testifiers. Our academic affiliates have published extensively on labor market issues ranging from labor demand and supply, discrimination, wage setting, human capital, and public assistance programs, to unusual applications of labor economics involving issues such as beauty, fertility, sleep and suicide. They have served as editors of top economics journals such as Labour Economics, The European Economic Review, and the Journal of Economic Literature and have authored books with publishers including the Princeton University Press, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Worth Publishers. Our labor experts have testified regarding regional wage suppression by employers allegedly exercising monopsony power and in large discrimination cases involving hiring practices, salary, total compensation, and promotion practices.

To learn more about our experts in this area please see, Dr. Daniel S. Hamermesh and Dr. Mark R. Killingsworth profiles.