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Judge Upholds Damages Verdict in Fujifilm v. Motorola

In an Amended Final Judgment issued on April 25, 2016, Judge William H. Orrick upheld the jury’s award of $10,240,000 to the plaintiff in Fujifilm Corp. v. Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. et al. Following a two-week trial held in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California last year—during which OnPoint expert Dr. Gareth Macartney provided both direct and rebuttal testimony as Fujifilm’s damages expert—the seven-person jury awarded Fujifilm $10.2 million in damages after determining that Motorola infringed upon U.S. Patent 6,144,763, a method of converting digital color photos to monochrome. The jury’s verdict on damages aligned with the estimates provided by Dr. Macartney, rather than those provided by Motorola’s damages expert. While the jury found that the three other patents at issue in the case (pertaining to face-detection and wireless data transfer) were invalid, the $10.2 million award for the ‘763 patent alone exceeded the damages estimated by Motorola’s damages expert for all four patents combined. In his latest order, Judge Orrick found that “most if not all” of Motorola’s post-verdict critiques of Dr. Macartney’s damages opinions were merely reiterations of arguments the Court had previously rejected in its ruling to deny Motorola’s motion to exclude Dr. Macartney’s testimony from trial. The Court also awarded Fujifilm pre-judgment interest at the prime rate, compounded quarterly, as calculated by Dr. Macartney.