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OnPoint Expert Testifies in a Wage and Hour Lawsuit Filed in a United States District Court

OnPoint expert and forensic CPA Christine Davis recently provided deposition testimony in a wage-and-hour lawsuit filed in a United States District Court against one of the largest cities in California. Ms. Davis served as the damages expert on behalf of the city. In June 2017, Ms. Davis also submitted an expert report in the matter, providing thorough analysis of voluminous time records and detailed compensation data to address damage claims brought by the named plaintiffs on behalf of themselves and those similarly situated.

The plaintiffs in this collective action comprise hundreds of certain non-exempt employees in the city’s fire department who have alleged that there are employees with an established work period of 28 days with a 212-hour FLSA overtime threshold, and employees with an established work period of 14 days with a 106-hour FLSA overtime threshold. Ms. Davis’s role in the ongoing case concerns the calculation of overtime compensation under the Federal Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) using the appropriate “regular rate of pay,” and the determination of whether minimum wages were paid under the FLSA and the California Labor Code.