OnPoint Analytics

OnPoint Welcomes New Director of Pharmaceutical Analytics, Dr. Theo Ndatimana, PharmD, MPH

OnPoint Analytics is pleased to introduce the latest addition to our team: Dr. Theo Ndatimana, who has a medical background and over 10 years of practical experience in the pharmacy field. He has worked for health insurers and for major health care providers and is intimately familiar with all aspects of pharmaceutical data, procurement, and dispensing. He brings to our team a combination of data expertise, industry experience and invaluable knowledge of the pharmaceutical regulatory and reporting structures. This combination of rigorous academic training and hands on industry experience make him a key resource to OnPoint’s pharmaceutical litigation consulting team. Prior to joining OnPoint, Dr. Ndatimana was a Senior Consultant Pharmacist at Deloitte, where he was part of the supply chain management consulting practice for hospitals and health care systems. Dr. Ndatimana received his PharmD degree from the University of California, San Francisco.