Natural Resources

OnPoint’s team of testifying experts includes some of the world’s most highly respected agricultural and resource economists. In both their academic research and their litigation consulting practices, these professionals address virtually every economic and operational problem involved with food production, including farm budgets and operational expenses, agricultural financing, domestic supply and demand, import and export markets, commodity pricing, inventory management and its effect on pricing, vertical integration, and spillover effects from agricultural operations. Working daily in each of these fields, OnPoint staff and experts are conversant with all available data sources and their analytic potential.

OnPoint’s expertise begins at the farm level, with product-specific analysis of the economic potential for row crops, tree crops, livestock, and all other production specialties, taking into account regional markets, transportation costs, local farming conditions and consumer demand (including changing preferences and product differentiation). This analysis proceeds to intermediaries including cooperatives, brokers, agents and processors whose participation can profoundly impact the consumer experience. Finally, OnPoint analyzes wholesale and retail markets and how their pricing corresponds with producer prices. This purview covers all aspects of agricultural and food production, from farm to table. Examples of products recently analyzed include eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, poultry, red meat, shrimp, sugar, milk, cheese, and potatoes.

OnPoint also analyzes non-food cultivation and resource extraction for products such as timber, minerals and water. From initial resource valuation to finished product economics, OnPoint’s experts have been central to many of the country’s most important legal and economic disputes involving fundamental resources.