OnPoint Analytics is an economic, finance and statistical consultancy specializing in expert testimony for complex, high-stakes litigation. The firm has been involved in many of the largest cases of the last decade in numerous areas, including antitrust, intellectual property, class certifications, pharmaceuticals and environmental damages. Our experts include first rate economists and statisticians, and we have a highly skilled staff of economists, statisticians, database architects and document analysts dedicated to providing clients with tailored, empirically focused work product, accessible to the lay audience.

OnPoint Expert Testifies at Rail Freight Fuel Surcharge Class Certification Hearing
October 5, 2016 – Last week, OnPoint expert Dr. Gordon Rausser testified at a Class Certification hearing in a multibillion-dollar class action lawsuit against some of country’s largest railroad companies (In re: Rail Freight Fuel Surcharge Antitrust Litigation). Click here to learn more.

Patent Proliferation: A 30-year increase in the number of patents per drug
September 12, 2016 – Over the past 30 years, there has been a marked increase in the average number of patents covering a single drug. In our latest Pharma Corner blog, OnPoint’s pharmaceutical litigation specialists ask: will this change the way pharmaceutical patents are litigated? Click here to learn more.