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OnPoint Analytics is an economic, finance and statistical consultancy specializing in expert testimony for complex, high-stakes litigation. The firm has been involved in many of the largest cases of the last decade. Although concentrations are heaviest in antitrust and competition, intellectual property, class certifications, pharmaceuticals and economic damages, we also provide services related to transition economies, the valuation of biodiversity, strategy, trade disputes, natural resources, the environment and renewable energy, insurance and healthcare, as well as financial analysis. Our experts include first rate academic economists and statisticians, as well as experts on franchises, business, finance, taxation and commercial real estate. A highly skilled staff of economists, statisticians, database architects and document analysts provide clients with tailored, empirically focused work product, accessible to the lay audience.

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Biologics Exclusivity and the TPP: An International Balancing Act
October 6, 2015—With sufficient participation, trade pacts have the potential to set international standards that eventually become global norms. This is exactly what opponents on both sides of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement fear will happen when it comes to biosimilar drug development. The deal, announced October 5, 2015, would apparently commit the 12 participant nations to guarantee at least 5 years of data exclusivity for biologic drugs, thereby assuring them immunity from biosimilar competition for at least that period, regardless of the existence of any patent protection. Some reports have suggested that there may be an additional 3 years of exclusivity tacked on in the form of a “safety monitoring period” that would precede commercial sales, and possibly even regulatory review, of the proposed biosimilar. Click here to learn more.

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OnPoint Expert Assists Class Certification Victory in In Re: Egg Products Antitrust Litigation
October 14, 2015 – The District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania recently certified the shell egg sub-class in a case brought on behalf of direct purchasers who alleged that the nation’s major egg producers conspired to artificially increase the price of shell eggs in the United States. Judge Pratter’s class certification decision relied extensively on the testimony and analyses of OnPoint expert Dr. Gordon Rausser, who examined the economics of U.S. egg production and pricing and testified on behalf of the Direct Purchaser Class. Click here to learn more.