OnPoint Analytics is an economic, finance and statistical consultancy specializing in expert testimony for complex, high-stakes litigation. The firm has been involved in many of the largest cases of the last decade in numerous areas, including antitrust, intellectual property, class certifications, pharmaceuticals and environmental damages. Our experts include first rate economists and statisticians, and we have a highly skilled staff of economists, statisticians, database architects and document analysts dedicated to providing clients with tailored, empirically focused work product, accessible to the lay audience.

OnPoint Expert Shares Findings on Cap-and-Trade Regulations at California Air Resources Board Workshop
May 23, 2016 – Last week, OnPoint expert Dr. Stephen Hamilton presented the results of his recent research and answered stakeholder questions as part of a public workshop hosted by the California Air Resources Board (“CARB”) at their headquarters in downtown Sacramento. The workshop marked the initial public release of three studies funded by CARB to investigate potential improvements to the current metrics used for determining the risk of emissions leakage in various industrial sectors. Click here to learn more.

Judge Upholds Damages Verdict in Fujifilm v. Motorola
May 10, 2016 – In an Amended Final Judgment issued on April 25, 2016, Judge William H. Orrick upheld the jury’s award of $10,240,000 to the plaintiff in Fujifilm Corp. v. Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. et al, a patent infringement suit. The jury’s verdict on damages aligned with the estimates provided by OnPoint expert Dr. Gareth Macartney—who testified on behalf of Fujifilm during last year’s trial—rather than those provided by Motorola’s damages expert. The Court also awarded Fujifilm pre-judgment interest at the prime rate, compounded quarterly, as calculated by Dr. Macartney.  Click here to learn more.