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Leading a Series of Class Certification Victories

This year, four important decisions came down certifying plaintiff classes of 1) rail freight shippers who were subjected to fuel surcharges, 2) indirect purchasers of nasal spray fluticasone propionate (brand name Flonase) who were forced to pay higher prices because of delayed generic entry, 3) Southeastern dairy farmers who received suppressed prices for their raw milk production, and 4) Northeastern dairy farmers who received suppressed prices for their raw milk production. In all four cases, the plaintiffs’ economic expert was Gordon Rausser and he was supported by the staff of OnPoint Analytics, Inc.

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Enthusiastic Reviews for Political Power and Economic Policy

Dr. Gordon C. Rausser recently joined with esteemed colleagues Johan Swinnen and Pinhas Zusman to write Political Power and Economic Policy: Theory, Analysis, and Empirical Applications. This book analyzes the links between political economics, governance structures, and the distribution of political power in economic policy making.

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Major Victory for Drug Development

On November 18, 2011 the California Superior Court, County of San Mateo entered Judgment in favor of Asahi-Kasei Pharma Corp. in Case No. 478533 including compensatory damages, punitive damages, costs and interest charges totaling more than $415 million. OnPoint’s Gordon Rausser, Ph.D. served as Asahi’s sole expert on both damages and loss causation.